LED Strip Light



Product Description

Package Included:

2 x 60 CM Super Slim Strip Tape Lights (with the Controller)


Condition: New

Type: Daytime Running Light + Turn Signal

Light Colour: Ice Blue + Yellow(Turn Signal)

Turn Signal Light Model: Flowing Water
Voltage: 12V DC
Watt: 20W
Wire: 3
Cable Length: 45cm
Main Material: Soft Silicone
Placement on Vehicle: Front, Left, Right
Water resistance: Yes.IP65
Function: Ice Blue Daytime Running Lights / Yellow Turn Signal Lights (Flowing Water Model Light)



White and amber flexible soft LED Strip Light for car.
Application: Angel eye, headlight turning light.
Ultra bright Ice Blue LED lights to be used as daytime running lights and flowing Amber Yellow LED lights to be used as turn signal lights.
Can dress up the headlights similar to the new style.
Waterproof-both for interior & exterior of car use, simply installation.
Note: This item can NOT be folded or bended in a large angle, or it will broke the LED beads.

Easy Installation, no need to take the headlight assembly apart, simply stick it to the gap between headlight and bonnet.
Cuttable, there is a cut port every 3cm from the end, u can cut any length u need.
LED with long life expectancy, low power consumption, energy saving.
Get the unique look and outstanding impression.
Transparent housing for brighter light.
Soft strip tubes, bending freely.
Enhance lighting in rainy and foggy days to avoid traffic accidents.
When switched to yellow colour, it can be used as turn signal light (Flowing Water Model Light).
Easy to install.
Note: Turn signal lights Light up in flowing sequentially.

Wires Connections:
Black wire = Negative
Red wire = Ice blue light, Connecting to headlight or ACC+
Yellow wire = Yellow light, Turn Signal Lights (Flowing Water Model Light)

Installation Notes(Must be tested before installed):
Not a plug and play product, some professional skills or tools are needed.
Can be cut as your need .
Can be bent but cannot be folded or beat arbitrarily, the LEDs inside will be damaged.
Need to open the brake cover for installing.


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